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27 January 2023 | Evolutions in Collecting Art: Practices and Challenges

It's artgenève next week - which means the Responsible Art Market annual conference takes place at the fair on Friday 27 January 2023.

This year's conference will focus on collectors. Collectors are the life blood of the art market. As collecting habits evolve, what practices and challenges do collectors and patrons face in their interactions with artists, galleries and institutions?

This 7th annual RAM conference aims to demystify the collecting journey, unpacking the ethics of collecting contemporary art and the issues which arise in lending to and funding art institutions.

08:30 Registration

09:00 Welcome & opening remarks

Nicholas O’Donnell, Attorney at Law, Boston

09:45 Panel I — Demystifying the Complexities of Art Collecting

To the new or uninitiated, collecting art might appear daunting. From waiting lists to black lists, resale restrictions to buy back proposals. What are these unwritten codes of collecting and do they have a place? How is the role of the collector evolving and can this be a force for change? Just some of the topics our expert speakers will be demystifying in this panel discussion.

Chair Mathilde Heaton, Phillips, London

Piergiorgio Pepe, Ethics of Collecting and Quantum Ethics,Paris

Stefan von Bartha, Gallery von Bartha, Basel

Karim Noureldin, Artist, Lausanne

Martin Wilson, Phillips, London

10:45 Refreshing break

11:30 Panel II — Collectors and Institutions: New Challenges in Philanthropy

Art philanthropy has existed across the ages, but as social norms evolve what new challenges do institutions and philanthropists face when organising, funding and lending to public exhibitions? Are we at the dawn of a new ethics of philanthropy in art?

Chair Anne Laure Bandle, Art Law Foundation, Attorney at Law, Geneva

Adèle Aschehoug, Plateforme 10, Lausanne

Maria de Peverelli, Stonehage Fleming Art Management, London

Amir Shariat, Artist manager and curator, Vienna

Richard Barnett, The National Gallery London, London

12:30 Closing Remarks

Download the programme

Download PDF • 332KB

Register online here


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