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29 January 2021 | Innovation and change in a Responsible Art Market

This year’s RAM conference will look at the “new normal” resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the past year, the way the art market interacts, communicates and transacts has changed indefinitely, bringing with it new opportunities as well as new challenges and risks.

With more business being done online and less face to face contact, how can we harness these new opportunities whilst managing the associated challenges and risks? Is due diligence more important than ever in a digital art world? What legal risks does this “new reality” entail?

Furthermore, as the global art market becomes more connected than ever, what developments should we watch out for in 2021 in market jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, the United States and China?



13:00 Welcome & opening remarks - Nanne Dekking, former Chairman of TEFAF and CEO of Artory, New York


13:30 Online opportunities & due diligence in a digital world

This panel will discuss practical issues related to online sales and will address questions of reputation management, authenticity, attribution, provenance and technology in a digital art market.

Chair: Dr. Anne Laure Bandle, Art Law Foundation and Borel & Barbey, Geneva

Valentina Volshkova, Pace Gallery, Geneva

Dr. Nicolas Galley, Institute of Art History, University of Zurich, Zurich

Masha Golovina, Masterworks, New York




14:45 Online art sales and services: managing legal challenges & risks

This panel will examine the specific legal challenges arising in the context of online art sales and services, including questions of consumer protection, client identity verification and data protection.

Chair: Sandrine Giroud, Art Law Foundation and LALIVE, Geneva

Tom Christopherson, Bonhams, London

Melanie Damani, Hottinger Group, Geneva

Amy Whitaker, New York University, New York


15:45 Global perspectives: What to expect in 2021?

This panel will examine the trends and expectations for 2021 in three major art market regions. In particular it will discuss the impact of the EU:UK Trade Deal post Brexit, anti-money laundering developments in the USA and art market trends in China.

Chair: Mathilde Heaton, Phillips, London

Freya Simms, The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers (LAPADA), London

Nicholas O’Donnell, Sullivan & Worcester LLP, Boston

Audry Li, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Shanghai


16:30 Closing remarks by Nanne Dekking, former Chairman of TEFAF and CEO of Artory, New York


16:45 - 18:30 Digital networking session



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