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INTERMISSION - Podcast on the arts and culture scene

INTERMISSION - A podcast about arts and culture as a catalyst for change. An informal discussion about a changing world and our place in it. An intermission like in the theatre where the action did not actually stop but continued off-camera to allow for reflection between acts.

Each episode of this podcast by Anna Beaujolin is a discussion with an impactful actor in the arts and culture sector, including

  • Isabelle Gattiker, Director of the International Festival and Forum on Human Rights (IFF)

  • Aviel Cahn, Director of the Geneva Opera

  • Pascal Hufschmid, Director of the International Red Cross Museum

  • Natacha Koutchoumov, Director of la Comédie de Genève

  • Gilles Jobin, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Producer, Dancer

  • Luc Meier, Director of the artist residence La Becque

I was pleased to be part of this podcast to discuss my art law practice, Nazi-era looted art and NFTs.

All episodes so far are in French.

Tune in:


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