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Artificial intelligence domains art law conferences in autumn 2023

The autumn season is coming and brings several conferences on the hot topic of artificial intelligence in the art world: what impact does AI have on the creative process, how should we assess copyright for AI-generated art, what risks does it entail? These and many more questions will be at the forefront of upcoming events.

  • 26 September 2023: RAM London Committee, Phillips London | Intelligence applied: What's next for the UK art market?

Innovative and adaptive: Qualities the UK art market has demonstrated to stay competitive in 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, how can today’s developments help us

shape the UK art market of tomorrow? From Artificial Intelligence, to AML interventions and keeping artwork on the move. Just some of the “hot topics” our expert speakers will be unpacking in this fast paced seminar with 100% human intelligence applied! Access the full programme here.

  • 10 November 2023: SF-FS, FFHS Gleisarena, Zurich | Tech Law Workshop (in German)

The use of AI systems brings with it new risks. For example, the possibilities for attack and manipulation are becoming more numerous. Are there already attacks? What specific dangers exist? What rules can be used to bring them under control? Do existing standards have to be adapted or new ones created? Questions like these will be discussed from different perspectives on 10 November 2023 in the "Tech Law Workshop" in an exchange between science and practice. The new workshop format is a co-production of the SF-FS, the Center for Life Sciences Law (ZLSR) at the University of Basel and the Center for Information Technology, Society and Law (ITSL) at the University of Zurich.

  • 16 November 2023: Art Law Foundation and Digital Law Center, University of Geneva, Geneva | Digital art | Artificial intelligence and NFTs in the art market | Legal and Practical Implications (in French)

Conference on Digital art, artificial intelligence and NFTs, its legal and practical implications

The fascination exerted by digital art, whether works of art created using artificial intelligence tools or NFTs (non-fungible tokens), is leading many people (creators, collectors, investors, museums, technology companies and other art professionals) to join this market. These burgeoning new art forms have the potential to revolutionise the art market. They do, however, raise a number of legal and practical issues. This conference, organised by the Art Law Foundation and the Digital Law Center at the University of Geneva, aims to explore certain legal aspects of digital art, in particular the challenges associated with both the creation of digital art (from the perspective of artificial intelligence) and the commercialisation of this art. I will be moderating a panel on the digital art market and its tax implications. More information to follow. Save the date!

  • 23 November 2023: Kunst im Recht 2023, Kameha Grand, Zurich | The latest developments in the art market and dealing with art in the digital art age (in German)

What art is can be discussed "forever", as well as what law is, of course, and so the combination of art and law always provides surprising insights and perspectives on the subject that have not yet been illuminated. This applies first and foremost to the latest developments in the field of digitisation and copyright. The Schulthess Forum Kunst im Recht 2023 will also devote in-depth attention to the topic of collecting works of art and discuss questions surrounding national and international lending using the concrete example of one of the most important private collections of modern art of the 20th and 21st centuries. I will be part of a panel discussion on the future of the art market. Access the full programme here.


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